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Treatments for men

Eyebrow tint £8
Eyebrow wax £8
Back wax £20
Back and shoulders £25
Chest wax £20
Chest and shoulders £25
Back and chest wax £35
Back, chest and shoulders £40
Full leg wax £27
1/2 leg wax £16
Full arm wax £20
Forearm wax £14
Underarm wax £10
Nostril wax £7
Ear wax £7
Ear and nose wax £10
Full body wax £95

Includes back, chest, full leg, full arm, underarm

Full body wax including miami £150

It is advisable that you bring a freshly laundered shirt with you if having a back or chest wax. It is quite common for backs and chests to break out in spots after waxing. This should subside after a few days. If you get waxed regularly you should find it gets better with each subsequent wax. You will be given a leaflet to take home with you with aftercare advice.

Extreme Male Waxing

We use Berins non-strip wax for intimate male waxing. Berins is one of the new third generation waxes.
It is applied at just above skin temperature making it gentle but effective and does not stick to the skin making your waxing experience less irritating.
It sets up quickly but stays flexible and therefore there is no fear of the wax becoming brittle and breaking.
Oil is applied under the wax creating a lipid barrier and prepares the skin ready for waxing.

Angelina was trained by Kim Lawless, also known as the wax queen. Kim is the UK's leading authority on extreme waxing.

You will need to get naked from the waist down so when you arrive you need to be clean otherwise I may refuse to wax you. Shower facilities are available. This is a professional service and anyone acting inappropriately will be asked to leave.

Speedo Line £15
Buttocks £20
Crack only £20
Pubic triangle £20
Londoner (buttocks and crack) £35
Parisian (sac only) £35
New Yorker (sac and penis) £40
Boyzilian (sac, penis, pubic triangle) £45
Basic Brazilian (butt, sac, crack) £45
Chicago (sac, penis, crack) £45
Full Brazilian (butt, sac, crack, penis) £50
Miami (butt, sac, crack, penis & pubic triangle) £60