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Spray Tanning

We use Nouvatan spray tan solution. Nouvatan is a natural solution made from plant extracts and contains 100% active ingredients.

It comes in 6 shades 8-20% DHA to suit all skin types.

It has 100% natural, organic ingredients with no parabens, alcohol or oils leaving you with a perfect, natural tan.

How do spray tans work?

The active ingredient in spray tan solution is DHA (dihydroxyacetone). DHA reacts with the amino acids in the top layers of the skin. This causes a reaction and makes the skin go darker. How dark the skin goes depends on what % of DHA is applied. Your therapist will discuss this with you when you arrive. This reaction takes about 8 hours and you need to keep the skin dry whilst the reaction is taking place. This means no exercise, no saunas and no baths or showers. After about 8 hours you can shower.Your tan should last about 10 days.

Before you arrive.

You will need to exfoliate before your spray tan. This will slough off any dead skin cells and give your tan a good base to start and should help your tan last longer.
If you need to shave or wax, this needs to be done 24 hours before your appointment.
You need to arrive for your tan with no deodorant, perfume, lotions or potions as this can cause a barrier on your skin.
You will need to bring loose, dark clothing to wear home after your tan.

After your tan.

You can shower after 8 hours and you will need to pat dry your skin. You need to use mild soap or body wash that contains no oils. You need to moisturise twice a day to make the tan last longer. Make sure your moisturizer also contains no oils.

We provide you with disposable underwear and a disposable cap for your hair. Sticky feet are supplied to protect the soles of your feet. You are welcome to wear your own underwear if you prefer but they will need to be dark. The tanning solution can stain silk so it's best to wear old underwear. We also provide make-up remover wipes should you need them.

Full body £12.50
Half body £8.50

Our solutions are paraben free.
Hormones can affect the outcome of a tan and it is therefore not advisable for pregnant women in their first trimester to have a spray tan.
DHA is a by-product of sugar and is therefore 100% natural and completely safe. It has been approved by the FDA.