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Angelina has trained with some of the top companies in the industry. She keeps up to date with all the latest technology and goes on training courses every year.  She also has a teaching qualification and will very soon be teaching her own beauty classes.

Using Eve Taylor products, a unique skin care range offering many natural elements, and by multi layering you can actually customize your very own regime. Does not contain mineral oil, lanolin, SD alcohol or artificial fragrance.

Sophie is our facials expert and has worked with a range of skincare products over the years. She will discuss with you which products are suitable for your skin,

Deluxe facial

Your skin will be cleansed, toned, exfoliated & moisturised using Eve Taylor products specially chosen for your skin type. A nourishing hydrating facial that will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and soft.

Deluxe Facial 45 mins £30
Ultimate facial

Relax & enjoy the ultimate facial, your skin will be deep cleansed, toned, exfoliated & moisturised. A luxury face mask will be applied and your face will be steam cleansed. This facial is catered to your specific skin type, Leaves skin feeling soothed, refreshed and revitalised. Pure Indulgence.

Ultimate facial 60 mins £35
Express facial

A mini facial using our Eve Taylor products, for those on the go, or ideal to fit in your lunch hour.

Express facial 25 mins £20

A-lift Facial

The A-Lift is a NEW micro-current facial treatment that is a leap forward in facial refinement.
This is a brand new machine that has produced outstanding results.
Angelina was one of the first people to train on this machine and, at present, there are only a handful of machines in the country

A-lift facial

The new A-Lift machine by Nouveau, is the first and only micro-current machine that uses a constant current.

1 treatment 75 mins £45
Course of 10 treatments £350

A micro-current machine that renews your skin cells. It's the only machine of it's type that has a constant current.
When you make facial expressions, muscles can tighten and , over time, become fixed in place, leading to pronounced frown lines and wrinkles. The A-Lift system tightens and firms up the muscles and reduces slackness and restores a firmer shape and tone to the face area treated which can lead to an increased rate the body produces collagen. It increases cell metabolism by 500%.
Microcurrent also stimulates the lymphatic system, which reduces the amount of fluid in the face. Eye-bags can be reduced in size and dark circles improved. This is achieved by increasing bloodflow to the skin, allowing it to rid itself of waste materials and dead cells more efficiently. This results in better texture, colour and a healthy glow.
It can increase the speed at which the skin produces its own connective tissue fibres, elastin and collagen. Enlarged pores can be tightened and scar tissue softened.
During a course of treatments, facial muscles become re-educated, so learning their new positions. Some people see an improvement and feel a tightening effect after the first treatment, although generally it will take a few treatments before you see and feel a positive effect.
After the initial course of around 10 treatments performed 2-3 times a week over a 4-5 week period, a maintenance treatment every four weeks is recommended. This varies according to the condition of the skin and the clients lifestyle.


The celebrities' secret!

Visible results after just one session!

Microdermabrasion removes the uppermost layers of dead skin cells. It is recommended that you have a course of treatments and combine it with oxygen therapy for full effect. Gently removes dead and damaged skin cells bringing vibrant healthy skin to the surface. Reduces the severity of wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots, enlarged pores, scars & pigmentation.

Oxygen therapy replenishes lost oxygen & visibly plumps lines and wrinkles whilst also firming skin.

By the age of 30 skin has already lost over 25% of the oxygen it started with. By age 40 almost 50% of the skin's ability to consume and retain oxygen has been impaired. Less Oxygen results in more wrinkles, fine lines and dull looking skin. Diamond Oxy Pro Infusion delivers oxygen and liquid minerals further than other oxygen mist treatments by fusing bio-available trace and essential minerals and delivering them into the tissue by jet stream infusion, remineralising skin, restoring vibrancy and youthful glowing complexion.

Microdermabrasion therapy £45
Microdermabrasion- Course of 5 £200
Microdermabrasion- Course of 10 £350
Oxygen therapy £45
Oxygen- Course of 5 £200
Oxygen- Course of 10 £350
Microdermabrasion & oxygen £70
Microdermabrasion & Oxygen- Course of 5 £325
Microdermabrasion & Oxygen- Course of 10 £600

All courses need to paid in full at 1st treatment appointment

High Frequency facial 45 mins £40

How does it work?
The Diamond System uses suction & an exfoliating mineral
which is delivered through a hand piece in a steady, effective
stream onto the skin. The minerals & old surface skin are
immediately pulled up with the suction action resulting in
smooth, fresh rejuvenated skin.
When will I see results of
my treatment?
After your 1st treatment your face
will look radiant & refreshed. The
skin will feel noticeably softer &
smoother. Fine lines will begin to
diminish & the colour and tone of
the skin will be more blended.
Why do I need a
series of treatments & how often?
Due to the process of microdermabrasion, the gentle peeling
removes a top layer of dead skin each time. The suction
stimulates the red blood cells & collagen underneath the skin.
As you remove layer by layer, the supple skin underneath rises
to the surface.
After a series of treatments (6-8), the red blood cells &
collagen you began stimulating in your first treatment are now
at the top, are supple & full of energy. This is the process that
diminishes the fine lines & wrinkles.
How do i maintain the effects of my
Once your treatments are complete, maintenance to keep
your skin healthy & balanced would be a treatments every 3 to
4 weeks. Your face will begin to feel tired & clogged & you will
desire that refreshed feeling once again.

So Why Oxygen
Anti-Ageing Effects
• Collagen production requires oxygen
• Increased oxygen enhances the skin cells metabolic health
• Oxygen enhances the epicelial cell growth
• Oxygen improves the functioning of blood vessels.
Oxygen reduces... Dark circles , Fine lines , Wrinkles,
Puffy Eyes, Dull looking skin.
Maintains Healthy Skin
• Oxygen kills all known anaerobic pathogens on contact
• Oxygen is necessary for natural healing and reducing scar
tissue (acne, pre & post surgical)
• Without an adequate supply of oxygen the body cannot
cleanse itself of toxins.
• Controls breakouts and congestion
Enhanced Metabolism
• Oxygen works independently or enhances the body’s
ability to metabolize, absorb, assimilate and utilize
vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in all skin
care products the client’s currently using.